Top 3 Most Famous Saltwater Fish

Clownfish - most especially the ocellarish clownfish or popularly known as nemo. The clownfishes are remarkable addition to each and every tank. These fishes would stay somewhat small. And on the whole, the adults would reach a size of about 3 inches only. These are one varieties of saltwater fishes that will do okay in a small size tank which could take in about 20+ gallons of water. The clown fishes are known for residing in the sea anemones. And if you plan to add a sea anemone on your tank, you necessitate to be certain that if you plan to add any other fishes that will not be affected. The clown fish has a tendency to be more territorial when they are placed inside the aquarium together with an anemone, on the other hand, overall these fishes are peaceful and calm. This accompanies by the looks and color make them a lot easier to see why the clown fishes are considered to be one of the if not the most famous fishes. You can get more  info here

Angelfish - with regards to the saltwater angelfish, they are actually categorized into two, the dwarf saltwater and the large angelfish. As the name suggests, the dwarfs would stay small and don't grow as big as the fish tank. On the other hand, the large angelfish will necessitate a lot more of space and usually are reserved for a tank that can contain more than 100+ gallons. What makes the angelfish so special is that it is unique and very colorful. Most kinds of angelfish will alter their looks from young to adults. They tend to change a lot and will look like a entirely different fish as they keep on growing.

Tangs - these fishes are available in a wide array of colors, on the other hand, the most famous one is the blue tongue, the one called as Dory in the movie entitled Finding Nemo. I would say that the second most famous fish is the yellow tang. The blue tang would prefer a fish tank that is filled with live rock. And the adult ones would grow to about 12 inches long, as a result, if you plan on adding a tang then be sure to have a saltwater tank of at least 50 gallons. These fishes, on the whole, get along with almost all other fishes . But then again, it is not a great idea to keep more than one for every tank.